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  1. Who needs a Postpartum doula?
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  3. A Personal Touch On A Powerful Journey
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Many people are looking for a more personalized pregnancy, labor, and birth experience. This is where Birth First Doulas can bridge the gap! We provide partners with support, breaks, and suggestions allowing them to feel less pressured and more relaxed. Let Birth First hold the details so your partner can hold the love! Our unrivaled reputation over the last 25 years is built on professionalism and an unwavering dedication to working collaboratively with medical providers so you can enjoy a genuinely supportive team atmosphere during labor and birth.

The delicate balance of respecting hospital protocols while simultaneously advocating for your choices, needs, and desires is part of what makes Birth First Portland Doulas one of the most trusted doula services in town. You have found your doulas.

Who needs a Postpartum doula?

As first time parents, we appreciated every ounce of guidance Birth First Doulas had to give. Our doulas were the absolute perfect balance of bold and nurturing. Their compassion and confidence were an incredible resource for us, and through a long labor that ended with a bang, our doulas were there to help support the both of us.

They completed our team and we are extraordinarily grateful to have had them woven into our birth story. For Doulas. Doula support that helps you to have a calmer, more satisfied birth experience. Get More With The Birth First Doula Package In addition to offering you and your partner unrivaled doula support, information, and advocacy, our comprehensive doula package includes free childbirth education, parent support circles, newborn sleep classes, and discounts on a variety of speciality services!

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Meet Our Doulas. Contact Us Today. Peace Of Mind Hiring a Birth First Portland Doula is like having a childbirth educator, personal coach, and trusted confidant all wrapped up into one familiar expert who works just for you. Kanika Aswani, 34, a therapist from Mumbai who now lives in Goa, delivered her baby at her home in Andheri West, in the presence of her husband, brother, sister, mother, a doula and a professional midwife from the UK. The family helped set up the birthing pool, kept the water at her body temperature and made sure the beds were covered with double-sheets and shower curtains in case she wanted to move.

A Personal Touch On A Powerful Journey

She delivered her baby in the water, with soft lighting and the support of her loved ones. She held the baby almost instantly to her skin, and her husband cut the umbilical cord with the medical-grade apparatus provided by the midwife. She says that even though she always had a doctor on call through her pregnancy, this was a significantly better procedure than the intrusive and impersonal birth she knew she would have had to endure in a hospital.

A child comes into a safer space, surrounded by people they will be brought up by. And not something disconnected. This is a more intimate and connected way of being.

Balanced Beginnings Doulas - Boulder Birth / Postpartum Support

In the nine years she lived in the city, she worked in collaboration with Indian doctors, since she could not be licensed as a midwife here. She started from a majority expat client base, but found she was eventually working more with local women towards the end of her stint. Over the last 10 years, various attempts have been made to make the service of trained professional midwives available to expecting mothers in India.

The centre has seen over 1, births.

La doula: apoyo emocional

Two years later, in , Priyanka Idicula, who did her training from the National College of Midwifery, New Mexico, started Birth Village in Kochi, and, a year later, the Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad introduced a two-year training programme for in-house nurses. This is a year-old hospital and for 60 years they were used to doctors.

I had to break that," she says. The vision is that every pregnant woman who enters the hospital should want to see a midwife first and an obstetrician only if required. She believes this will not only lead to lower intervention, but create a synergy wherein doctors will see only women who come in with high-risk pregnancies, while the midwives can effectively tend to low-risk women.

Sometimes labour is such a private affair and trained midwives can manage well on their own. This is worrying, given that intrusive procedures for low-risk pregnancies should be an anomaly instead of the norm. But higher hospital bills and a general reliance on obstetricians have led to a more scalpel-driven approach. This has also led to a need for supplementary, well-rounded care by professional support-providers. And with greater access to information online, international developments in birth support are starting to find mention among Indian birthing networks and expecting mothers on the internet.

Malik gets close to five-six inquiries every week about alternative birthing and prenatal and postnatal care. Delhi-based Divya Deswal has been certified by the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association Cappa , US, for more than 10 years now, and has had over clients so far.

She even runs a training programme for aspiring birth companions in the country, via video seminars. In the current biomedical model of care, doulas can bring in the personal touch that women hope for," says Ghosh. In , she worked on a research paper titled Childbirth Narratives: Voices Of Educated Urban Women, and found that a few upper-class, educated, urban women are questioning the predominant model. They are willing to break the mould of medicalized birth in order to gain greater control over their bodies and choices.

Seema Kazi Rangnekar was almost completely dilated close to a month before her due date.

They rushed to a private hospital in the neighbourhood, and Rangnekar says she surrendered to the prognosis offered by the medical practitioners there. She waited in tremendous pain as a room was readied for her.

The anaesthetist was called. In a state of panic, Rangnekar was forced to take an epidural. And they had to use forceps to get her out. She was born groggy because of the medicine," she remembers. I was left lying on the birthing table with my legs in the stirrup. And I felt so horrible. This is how a woman is treated right after the birthing process," she adds.