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Ending Dirty Energy Policy : Joseph P. Tomain :

Energy and Finance. Foreign Aid and Emerging Powers. Perhaps he imagines the birds are retaliating for the deaths of their comrades by destroying wind turbines, through some method he does not specify.

In any case, he imagines wind turbines and birds to be engaged in a mortal struggle with high casualties on both sides. Trump is correct that wind power receives a subsidy, but his complaint was odd coming after his government decided to literally order power grids to purchase coal.

Soft energy path

Coal is rapidly losing market share to forms of energy that pollute less — i. One of the conceits within the Republican Party elite is that Trump as a man amounts to little more than a sideshow. His cringe-inducing public remarks fire up the base, and outrage liberals, but have no real bearing on the underlying agenda, which are controlled by responsible conservatives. In some cases that is true. This is not necessarily one of them. Production and employment in the coal sector have leveled off , and are projected merely to hover at the same rate.

The number of coal jobs in Kentucky declined slightly over the course of this year. This year, green energy worldwide crossed an important symbolic threshold: It has installed a terawatt of wind and solar power. After the first terawatt took the entire course of human history, Bloomberg analysts expect the second terawatt to take just five years:.

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The world is racing to decarbonize, and while the pace is not yet fast enough to avert the worst consequences of climate change, the course of the change is historically impressive. The architects of the green-energy revolution have worked through scientific, technological, and political barriers to build a worldwide movement. What Trump aims for is something much less ambitious than the green-energy revolution that began with President Obama and other world leaders.

It is energy policy as the performance of cultural reaction, translating the profit margins of a swindling handful of coal firms, clinging to their influence in the science-denying Republican Party, attempting to persuade struggling white working-class voters in Appalachia that Trump is the instrument of their salvation. It was not clear whether Mr. Trump asked Mr. LaPierre for his support, or if the idea was pitched by the N. But in return for the support, Mr. In a series of calls and emails, he has tried to move Mr.

Trump away from proposing any sort of background check measures that he said after the mass shootings he might support. Kentavia Blackful was sitting in the living room in her family home outside Chicago on Monday evening, excitedly planning her 12th birthday party.

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The sixth grader was choosing T-shirt designs for her friends while the rest of her family watched the Chicago Bears game on TV. Suddenly, a stray bullet shattered the living room window and hit Kentavia in the head. Her panicked family called , and the sixth-grader was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition.

The following day — her 12th birthday — Kentavia died. They were balloons that had been purchased for her birthday party. Former NRA President David Keene and his wife, Donna Keene, organized the trip with the promise of new business opportunities by the Russians, including access to a Russian arms manufacturer that was under U. By the time the call was over 30 minutes later, it quickly became clear that it was anything but.

Soon after President Trump put the phone down that summer day, the red flags began to go up. As noted at the February forum, electricity is being produced in Holland, Michigan, for 4.

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On the other hand, the cost of coal, oil, and gas in the future is unknown and could be very expensive, especially if environmental penalties or fees EPA violation penalties or carbon-tax fees are imposed for using such sources. We must also consider the cost of health problems caused by the various types of energy. When considering whether solar and wind are as affordable as fossil fuels, we must consider the health and environmental costs of using fossil fuels.

As noted at the February forum, we spend 1. These externalities or un-priced consequences must be considered; otherwise, the cost comparison is not accurate. Even without the threat of fees and penalties for using fossil fuels, the price of coal, oil, and gas are unpredictable and could soar in the future. Further, we should consider whether the money spent on the various types of energy can be spent here in Michigan or whether the money must necessarily go outside of our state.

For example, money paid for coal and oil go outside of Michigan, whereas we could develop our own solar and wind in dustries. As noted at the February forum, Michigan already has solar supply firms and we are 4th in solar jobs.

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  • Additionally, we have wind supply firms and we are first in clean energy patents. Energy Efficiency: We should also focus on energy efficiency and optimization. Energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to keep costs down, because it can postpone the need to build new power plants. Michigan should move away from non renewable energy and start to manufacture and sell renewable energy. For this to be a viable option for consumers lawmakers need to draft strong legislation to support renewable energy initiatives.

    Tomain, Joseph P.

    There is a great deal of information about the negative effects of wind farms and we have done no studies on the primary potential negative effects of putting wind farms in Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan wind farm problems. Make sure the negative economic and quality of life issues are considered for windmills placed in tourist areas i. Lets not destroy what God had given us as a natural resource for this State.

    GLREA has members throughout Michigan and many are small businesses that sell and install solar and wind energy systems.

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    It is important to emphasize that any state energy policy or utility planning should put energy efficiency first. Energy efficiency is our cleanest, most reliable, and cost effective energy option. GLREA believes that renewable energy resources complement energy efficiency and other energy resources and that state energy policy and utility planning should take into account the many benefits that come from a greater use of renewable energy resources.

    As Michigan moves forward with an Energy Plan for the future, provisions energy education must be included to help Michigan citizens and decision makers make informed decisions on energy purchase and policy. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. Close Search Box. Official Website of Michigan. You are here Energy. What information do energy policy makers need to consider in order to make good energy decisions?