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  2. Neal Asher
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The Queen's Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz: | knutconsuralnons.tk: Books

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Michael Scott. Shadows of the Dark Crystal 1. Noteworthy that demons and devils are much less likely to get wrecked by sexually contracted diseases? In his ask thread, James Jacobs recently said this: "Once a demon lord gains enough power to step up to the next tier of power, she or he becomes a deity rather than a demigod. So far that's only happened once, with Lamashtu, but it will very likely happen a second time soon with Nocticula ascending to the role of a chaotic neutral goddess of midnight, artists, and outcasts.

Post a Comment. You can reach me at : powerscorerpg gmail. Posted by Sean at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Add to this the fact that he is tasked with restoring order to a town out of control and spiralling towards all out war between the fey,shapeshifters and vampires he's in a tight spot. When even his magic and weapons prove useless he has to rely on something new. Mar 07, Ian rated it really liked it. The second book is much improved. The character is more established as are his supporting characters.

The strength of this book is its take on the mythos of the universe. Were creatures other then Wolves can dominate. Im going to go download book 3 now. Jan 24, Clay rated it liked it. I enjoy the premise of this series. But whoever the Editor is, they need to be taken out back and beaten. The spelling errors and sometimes clashing imagery is like a slap in the face from time to time. I'll try one more in the series to see if things improve. Really sorry that such sloppy proofreading is killing this for me.

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Aug 29, Joe rated it it was amazing. This series is pretty awesome.

I think I can describe it best by saying it's a combination of Hellequin and Demon Accords. The MC is definitely an anti-hero and there can be moments where he is very gritty. The second book of the series drew me in even more and I'm eager to read the third book. Aug 07, Scott Voyles rated it it was amazing.

Neal Asher

Still funny Cain has to try and be a diplomat and resolve a crisis in Sacramento. Still has the traits that made the first book so great. Now he evolves and manages to claim some land in the fey wilderness right next to the winter court. Feb 06, Sherri Manning rated it really liked it. Great read! Can't wait for the next book in the series! Fast paced, funny, only downside is that the main character is a sexist pig Jan 16, Bookworm rated it did not like it.

The plot was better than the first book, but I HATE the fact that the author doesn't even care enough to proof read this misogynistic drivel!

Having read some of the reviews of books I will not be wasting time on anything else by Morgan Blayde. Mar 16, Jack rated it it was amazing. Feb 13, Joel Krause rated it liked it. Better then the first book, still not a huge fan of the main character.

Paperback Editions

To typical. Story and side characters are interesting. Oct 31, Nikhil Narayanan rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-fest , multiple-love-insterests. Lots off bad ass action and posturing but fun all around.!! Liked the 2nd in the series. Looking forward for the 3rd!! May 20, Vishnuprasad S rated it it was amazing. Apr 21, EruditeBirdy rated it really liked it. The spelling mistakes were enough to bother me, the spelling impaired.

The editor of this book should be terminated. Wow, maybe this series is affecting me. Nov 30, Marv rated it it was amazing. A bit better than the first book, it's a little more orderly even through its still action after action followed up by even more action. Dec 02, Michael Leffel rated it really liked it.

The storey is much more thought out and I really dug the storey!