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Nissan's $60,000 pickup just can't compete with its American rivals.
  1. Nissan Titan For Sale Near Lake George | Lia Nissan Glens Falls, NY
  2. Sold! How America's Greatest Sales And Marketing Titans Pulled It Off.
  3. How to Achieve Titan-Level Success!

For drivers that are looking for this kind of power right off the bat, the entry-level Titan can be a wise investment. The alternative to the standard V-8 engine is the 5.

Nissan Titan For Sale Near Lake George | Lia Nissan Glens Falls, NY

Producing up to pound-feet of torque at its peak, the turbodiesel models of the Titan can handle anything thrown their way, from towing boats to pulling out tree stumps, with ease. Both the gasoline and the diesel V-8s on the Titan make it an excellent vehicle for towing. The standard Nissan Titan can tow up to 9, pounds, while the Titan XD brings that number up to 11, pounds.

If you find yourself in need of a tough vehicle to tow a boat or a trailer, this is it. As soon as you take a seat in the Titan you can see that Nissan didn't skimp on Titan? The material quality is very high throughout the model range, though the top Platinum Reserve models are the most luxurious.

With a design that is similar to that of Nissan? The Titan drives in a way that suggests a much smaller vehicle. It is precise and well-balanced, resulting in a very controlled and composed performance at both high and low speeds. Before he agreed to come out, I already considered this a "once-in-a-lifetime" event. Certainly the best marketing-related event of the decade. And yet I knew The best would be even better with Gary. With his 11th-hour choice to come out for Titans, there was nothing that could make this a more special occasion.

While you may have missed being there in person, you'll want to grab the DVDs to make sure you get every word of what Gary shared from stage. While I'm on the topic of some of the top copywriters to have ever worked with the big direct mail companies, you may notice a few names that perhaps should be mentioned Among the best copywriters to have ever walked the planet.

And all folks I've paid top dollar for to help grow our business And for the first time ever — for The Titans of Direct Response event — we dug into the archives. PLUS the superstars listed above. Many in the 10s of millions Together, a total of over 1 billion pieces of profitable direct mail. Studying great copy is the single-most valuable thing you can do if you want to make millions in this business. This is the work of the masters. One of the most consistent things the best copywriters I've ever worked with did to become master closers in print is to hand-copy great sales letters and promotions , to absorb their selling secrets on a subconscious level.

When you request your copies of the DVDs, you'll ALSO get two books of these controls, printed out for a lifetime of reference and true hands-on study Plus, you get added commentary on each promotion, with the inside story on how it worked and the biggest takeaway lessons you can get from it. Stick these on the bookshelf closest to your desk, and they'll be a reference for life. And it's yours at no additional cost, with the DVDs.

And — aside from being given to Titans attendees — has never been available anywhere else, at any price. I know this sounds like hyperbole. But Ken actually put on the very first internet marketing seminar, in Silicon Valley, in — just as the Netscape browser was launching and the "visual" internet was being born.

He then went on, in the s, to create The System Seminar. Today, nearly every so-called "guru" of internet marketing was either a System grad, or learned their chops secondhand from one of Ken's students. Ken's annual System training was the "Mecca" of internet marketing — and ALL the greats I know of in direct response were there at least one time, if not year after year. Ken seldom speaks anymore. He has a small group of grads who he's still serving to this day, years after the last System training. It works as well as it ever has. This is critical insight when social media, mobile, and so many other new distractions are competing for your marketing resources.

Ken has never been one to chase the latest and greatest, the newest, the "shiny objects. That's why so many HUGE internet marketing successes today can point back to Ken as their original teacher of how to be successful online. Too often, he's observed those failures stem from one thing. Or using today's catch phrase, "Fear of missing out.

You'll hear Ken's straight talk. How to evaluate opportunity — and how to ignore shiny objects. Using a really simple approach — once you understand it, you'll never forget it. The same principle applies in business. Success can be as much about avoiding traps as anything else. And Ken reveals the best way to avoid the trappings of internet marketing "shiny objects" And when you set aside that lust for the sexiest tactic or new social media opportunity today And decide you really want to make money with internet marketing using what will generate maximum profits in minimum time with a hat tip to Gary Halbert You can follow the rest of what Ken shared Using repeatable systems that multiply your profits while shrinking your work load.

While Ken is known for being one of the Founding Fathers of modern internet marketing, he'd hardly consider himself an "Internet Marketer.

Perry is one of my most valued "new" friends in marketing. I first met him at one of Ken's System Seminars years ago. And he's since went on to become Prior to this year's "Titans" event, my events were primarily closed-door, invitation-only workshops for "Friends and Family.

Sold! How America's Greatest Sales And Marketing Titans Pulled It Off.

Laying out the most cutting-edge, transformative principles and strategies for multiplying your business. Last year's event featured Perry Including a tool he uses to create instant cash infusions by uncovering "whales" in your current customer file. And while I expected him to deliver on this — and he did — what he gave was so much more.

You're going to want to pay extra attention on the DVDs as Perry explains Perry came out swinging. Even just 10 years ago, we direct marketers had a huge advantage. We tracked what works, and we knew it. We measured more, tracked more, tested more, and learned from it.

And so we could walk into a market and dominate it simply with better marketing. Google AdWords was really the first big breakthrough of direct marketing into the mainstream. And being the world's most quoted expert on the platform, Perry has an interesting perspective. Since AdWords went mainstream, direct marketing went mainstream. Our testing practices and principles became a core part of what even big, institutional advertisers are doing. Maybe not everywhere yet, but certainly online. Simply writing copy, or knowing how to run a test, or targeting an audience has become an entry-level skill.

If you want to achieve huge success either as a consultant or in your own direct response business , you have to do more and be more.

Its not as big as you think

Perry gave specific examples — which you'll get on the DVD — of the kind of value you need to be able to bring to the table if you want to be a success in direct marketing into the future. The good news is that it actually raises your game to a whole new level — Perry's now working with folks with 9- and figure net worth who are rabidly applying this new approach to direct marketing to today's and tomorrow's business environment. I have Jay Abraham's picture on the back of my office door.

And it's not because of some strange fascination I have with the guy.

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In the 80s and 90s, practically everybody in the entire newsletter industry was prostrating ourselves at his feet. He "got it" like nobody else. You'd talk to him for a few minutes, and he'd uncover an opportunity to double your business that was, in retrospect, sitting in plain sight. You've never seen or heard Jay work like this before! Immediately afterwards he emailed me asking for a copy of his own interview to study. Jay had all sorts of immediately actionable profit-boosting ideas come out of this discussion. Show them what you want them to do.

When Jay revealed this lesson, I recognized that it was THE perfect example of the simple solutions to complex problems Jay is famous for Let's unravel that for a moment, using a very common example that was an absolute breakthrough in its day. As mail order marketers started developing lists of customers, they realized they couldn't get new offers in the mail fast enough to fully satisfy customers' desire to buy more.

Almost no matter how many offers they'd send at people, revenues would keep pouring in. But there's a problem here.

Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

Unless you can create products and new offers as fast as your customers can buy, the amount of money you're getting is always less than what they're willing to spend. Well, somewhere there's another skilled marketer with a valuable offer and great copy, looking for more customers.

How to Achieve Titan-Level Success!

By renting access to your list to this other marketer, you're able to generate more revenue from the same customer base solving your problem and they're able to get more customers for their offer solving their problem. Now it's obvious that this applies to list rentals and joint ventures, but this can apply at every level of your business. Product sourcing. Real estate. And so much more. By the time you're done watching Jay's interview on the DVDs, you'll see new possibilities in your business for doubling, tripling, even growing ten times or more. With tiny actions you can take right now, to leverage hidden opportunities sitting right there in plain sight.

Joe is, among other things, a Titan of testing.