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Available ebook formats: epub. Born in snowy Canada, a certain adventurous spirit sent Lily traveling the world as soon as she graduated from university. Currently located in Malaysia, she enjoys long walks on the beach with her two dogs, romance novels, fresh seafood, and cheap whiskey. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

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Ask it above. Adult Erotica. And then what would happen if this vampire happened to be Light, a.

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LightxL, other pairings to follow as the story goes further. Peter is quite fond of his Mythology Professor, Stiles Stilinski; Stiles seems to have other interests than just teaching, and Maybe Peter shouldn't let his guard down so much after his sister warned him there was something in town.

One night shortly after the showdown with the Garuda, Kenzi vanished without a trace.

Viking Slave: Knotting His Thrall (Gay Size Kink And Knotting Erotic Romance)

Nearly three years later she reappears, a shell of her former self and a slave collar around her neck, gifted to the Head of the Empress Guard. Her return sets in motion actions that will endanger them all.

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Friends will turn on friends and lines between enemies and allies will blur as plots and treachery are revealed, and ones who matter the most are in danger of being lost forever. Previously posted on FF.

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Being revamped and posted on here. How does a woman of noble birth end up a courtesan? How does a creature made to be perfect hide the fact he is not from a telepathic race?

‎Viking Slave: Knotting His Thrall (Gay Size Kink And Knotting Erotic Romance) on Apple Books

The hunt for the Adversary will bring together two unlikely people - a Half-Elf and an Illithid - and draw them into a never ending spiral of time, lust, and the darkest emotions that make us human Warning: contains emotionally abusive situations, BDSM, rape and many morally questionable situations - but no tentacle porn, despite what you might expect. Fleur is confronted with an old question. A thoughtful silence met him, lasting almost too long before Thorgrim answered, "No. You don't.

The first jet of cum was the hottest, washing deep inside Atli and warming him from the inside out. Thorgrim was so much warmer than Edgar had been, so much larger. Thorgrim's knot throbbed as it began to expand inside him, locking their bodies together. Edgar laughed, lowly, and his free hand came down to circle Atli's cock.